Property selling & purchase guidance

Property selling guidance

We do not mediate between buying and selling, but we do offer the possibility to advertise your property through our office and our real estate partners .

We are also happy to guide potential buyers on your behalf or that of your real estate agent, to show them your home, the residence (if applicable) and the surrounding area and to inform them about rental possibilities.

We do not provide potential buyers with legal or architectural advice, nor do we negotiate the purchase price. If you wish, we can provide you or your guests with information about lawyers, building experts or notaries who speak English.

For the reception and assistance of your guests you pay a start fee and an hourly rate. This hourly rate includes any costs for drinks, lunch and travel time and costs for transportation from the ferry in Menaggio. It is also possible to have your potential buyers guided on a No Cure No Pay basis. In that case, you or your real estate agent will sign an agreement that, if the guests accompanied by us proceed to purchase your property, we will receive 1.5% commission* excluding 22% VAT on the sales price paid for our assistance and expenses incurred.
*With a minimum of €1,500.00 for objects under € 100,000.

Engage a real estate agent

We advise you to work with a real estate agent. We can also take care of this. In case you use a agent through our office, our commission is included in the commission of the agent.
You only pay the usual commission to the agent. They will then pay us for the guidance.

Tips/other services

Let your potential buyers stay in your apartment for a few days.
We can also make pictures or a video for you to better present your apartment.
We can also take care of reception and transport from the airport. ask for the rates.


Option 1: No-Cure-No-Pay: 1.5% of the purchase price* with a minimum of € 1,500.00 for objects under € 100.000 excluding 22% VAT.

Option 2: Starting rate € 100.00 and then € 100.00 per hour. *

* The rate includes the cost of any drinks, lunch and transportation to/from the ferry in Menaggio for 2 guests.